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Eterea Iconoclasta: SOPHIA CHANG

We get in touch with the greatest Sophia few weeks ago but our obsession with her sparkling talent has been there forever. Sophia Chang is a creative Illustrator based in New York City who love life in a colorful way. Originally from the heart of Queens, this “princess” of the pen has conquered the media industry and shake some big names as Complex Magazine, Hypebeast, and Puma in a series of collaborative projects from the paper to shelves…literally. Enjoy this little chat.



Hi Sophia, your name is currently associated with some of the most important street culture icons, Why is that? Can you share some episodes of your past life with us according to this?
I’ve always been an avid fan of streetwear when I was growing up in NYC. When I was in college I worked on a few projects via internships which involved streetwear brands like Stussy, Undefeated, and of course Complex Media as a media outlet. Having these brand names under my belt really helped to shape my name in the industry.


Is a crazy world right! The entire planet is always in a constant rush, always running.Why choose a non conventional career like “ART”?
I’ve always drawn my whole life. For as long as I can remember. Drawing was always a go-to hobby for me for fun, at school, at home etc. I didn’t start taking illustration seriously until college. I kind of stumbled into the field. I originally wanted to focus on Fashion Design as my main study but realized I hated the people in it. I learned that my passion was really drawing. I changed my major and started to learn and build a foundation for a professional career in Illustration

Do you have any favorite field? Illustration, website design or live interventions?
I love wearing different hats. Not a lot of people know but I do a lot more than just illustration. I do branding, web design, clothing design, clothing production and print! I love switching gears and working on different platforms. There are different challenges to each creative field. I’m just starting to wear the hat of a Creative Director and every step is a learning process. I guess what I love most about it is learning!

Your style is a huge equation to consider it…but How do you describe it?
A lot of my style is inspired by my roots in NYC, we mentioned hip-hop being a huge influence in my life. So your typical streetwear brands, fitness/sportswear apparel and occasionally I mix in high-fashion pieces as well. I believe that how you dress, shows how you want to be approached and addressed by people. (Especially for females!)


Sophia Chang Lo Res-1

Are you a fashion snob?
No! I’m not a douche, as a person overall. I will however judge people based on what they wear! I think it’s justifiable because what you leave the house with is how you want to tell the world to treat you / address you.

You recently released and amazing collaboration series with Puma, but we know this is not the first time. How is your relationship with such a big brand like Puma and what is the inspiration behind it?
As a creative professional working in the fashion world it is important to be able to watch market trends. When we first started working on the designs for the collection, Hood By Air Black and White contrasts were taking over the fashion market.



After a quick review we can realize that there’s a strong hip hop influence in your personal aesthetic but did you have any music experience or be linked to any music projects?
As a fan of music, I’ve definitely taken part in many music-related projects. I’ve contributed as an illustrator to Complex Magazine, VIBE and XXL. I’ve worked on Talib Kweli’s Prisoner of Conscious album art, DJ Clark Kent’s mixtape Black In The New York Groove, just to name a few.

What are your three favorites bands/musicians at the moment?
Ty Dolla Sign, IAMSU and Three 6 Mafia.

In your opinion, internet can really make a difference into an artistic career?
Of course. Since the internet is so content-based, we’re able to showcase our work to a global audience. When you use the internet as a business tool and brand yourself appropriately, it can take you far.


2014 Sophia Chang

As a professional girl in this battle, can you describe us how is your regular design process? Do you go all in Pc or prefer start with a friendly pen and paper?
I use pen and paper when necessary and computer when necessary. All depends on the project and the final look I am trying to achieve.

Everyday we see more and more how traditional high fashion brands look for inspiration in streetwear companies. What do you think of this? is really healthy for the industry? or just “take advantage of the situation”?
Speaking in regards to the PUMA collection…As a creative professional working in the fashion world it is important to be able to watch market trends. When we first started working on the designs for the collection, Hood By Air Black and White contrasts were taking over the fashion market. We see materials like Neoprene and mesh being introduced to runway shows. I think it’s a wonderful trend that’s happening but with everything in fashion, it’s all cyclical.

We can’t pass this question. Have you been in Perú before?
I have not! Would love to go.

Are you and Iphone or Android girl?
IPhone all the way!

Any projects or plans in the near future?
Always, Stay tuned for new projects, updates and announcement via Instagram and Twitter: @esymai

Thanks a lot for your time Sophia, any final words for the world?
Thank you!


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Zine: Simone Tölle’s DADA

Dada was created as part of a semester thesis from the young graphic designer Simone Tolle .

In her own words:
[Tweet "I have the history of Dada T.C. Boyle selected, in which it described very roughly comes to Ugandan dictator that former Idi Amin Dada is invited as guest of honor to a Dada exhibition. The first part of the book consists of the story, "Dada", while the second part dealing as an art catalog with the cruel deeds of dictator Idi Amin. Amin was a cruel butcher, the Order gave himself an insane foreign policy operational and tortured at the same time by his country and murdered. He allegedly kept the severed heads of his enemies in the fridge and claimed of himself human flesh eaten to have. -Simone Tölle"]


TĀLĀ / Alchemy

London powerhouse TĀLĀ  just dropped a video for the title track off of her upcoming EP, Alchemy. Much like TĀLĀ’s vocals, the video is tremendously expansive, exploring isolated yet beautiful scenes from deserts to canyons. Color is certainly a main focus, as the video is saturated with lush imagery, and it’s only heightened by the soaring range of vocals and gritty, off-kilter pop


JIEHAO SU . Portfolio

Jiehao Su was born in 1988 and raised in Southern China. He travelled extensively in China before he studied photography at Beijing Film Academy. His work is deeply rooted in his personal history. In between reality and imagination, he mainly deals with the notions of memory, identity and belonging. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including Newspace Center for Photography (Portland, 2014), Manifest Gallery (Cincinnati, 2014), The Center for Fine Art Photography (Fort Collins, 2014), Actual Size LA (Los Angeles, 2014), Lishui Photo Festival (Lishui, 2013), Jinan Photo Biennial (Jinan, 2012), Alliance France (Shanghai, 2011). His work have been featured in publications such as GUP Magazine, Thisispaper, BOOOOOOOM, Paper Journal, Positive Magazine, Fraction Magazine, Phases Magazine, Lenscratch, Droste Effect Magazine, Landscape Stories Blog, Aura Magazine, Homeland Magazine. In 2012 Jiehao was awarded the Excellent Photographer Prize and received a two-year working grant from Jinan Photo Biennial in China. He was nominated for the 4th Houdengke Documentary Photography Award in 2013. Recently he was shortlisted for the 2014 APA / Lucie Foundation Scholarship. He currently lives and works in Beijing.



NIELS PEERAER . Spring/Summer 2015

Niels Peeraer S15 is a collection of perfect contrast. The Paris-based accessories label revels in all things oxymoron; bondage-style details such as brass buckles, leather straps and cuffs are effortlessly combined with abundant cutesy bows and soft feminine styling. References to gender ambiguity and Japanese kawaii culture- conceptual elements that transcend Niels Peeraer’s work- are as distinct as ever, as is the ingenious reworking of classic accessory styles, for example the ‘belt bag’ and ‘necklace bag’. Rather than existing as mere appendages to the main fashion spectacle, these are stand-alone pieces that challenge the banality of the typical accessory.

It is this idiosyncrasy of design, together with a great level of craftsmanship that has won the label such high critical acclaim since its launch in 2011. One of Walter Van Beirendonck’s five emerging designers to watch, there is seemingly no end to Niels Peeraer’s originality in his continual endeavour to break down boundaries with his work.

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One Gun, One Rose, Two Moths

EUGENIA LOLI . Weird Collage

Collage artist Eugenia Loli uses photography scanned from vintage magazines and science publications to create bizarre visual narratives that borrow from aspects of pop art, dada, and traditional surrealism.

Loli’s background is almost as diverse as the imagery she employs, having been born in Greece and living in Germany and the UK before settling in California. She previously worked as a nurse, a computer programmer, and as a technology journalist, but has only recently found a calling in collage work with publication in numerous magazines since 2013.


Sneeze X Stussy

Stussy teams up with the poster-sized street culture magazine Sneeze on a minimalist take on the classic Stussy crewneck. Available in white or black shades, these sweatshirts are advised for wear with a “slight crooked posture,” showcasing the Sneeze logo on a raised left arm providing a shield from “unwanted group selfies/airport paparazzi.” An embroidered Stussy stock logo covers the left chest of the white colorway, while the signature crown appears on the black edition. Made in the U.S.A. and built with a cotton/polyester blend, the Sneeze x Stussy Crewneck is available now at Stussy chapter stores and online.