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Eterea Iconoclasta: SOPHIA CHANG

We get in touch with the greatest Sophia few weeks ago but our obsession with her sparkling talent has been there forever. Sophia Chang is a creative Illustrator based in New York City who love life in a colorful way. Originally from the heart of Queens, this “princess” of the pen has conquered the media industry and shake some big names as Complex Magazine, Hypebeast, and Puma in a series of collaborative projects from the paper to shelves…literally. Enjoy this little chat.



Hi Sophia, your name is currently associated with some of the most important street culture icons, Why is that? Can you share some episodes of your past life with us according to this?
I’ve always been an avid fan of streetwear when I was growing up in NYC. When I was in college I worked on a few projects via internships which involved streetwear brands like Stussy, Undefeated, and of course Complex Media as a media outlet. Having these brand names under my belt really helped to shape my name in the industry.


Is a crazy world right! The entire planet is always in a constant rush, always running.Why choose a non conventional career like “ART”?
I’ve always drawn my whole life. For as long as I can remember. Drawing was always a go-to hobby for me for fun, at school, at home etc. I didn’t start taking illustration seriously until college. I kind of stumbled into the field. I originally wanted to focus on Fashion Design as my main study but realized I hated the people in it. I learned that my passion was really drawing. I changed my major and started to learn and build a foundation for a professional career in Illustration

Do you have any favorite field? Illustration, website design or live interventions?
I love wearing different hats. Not a lot of people know but I do a lot more than just illustration. I do branding, web design, clothing design, clothing production and print! I love switching gears and working on different platforms. There are different challenges to each creative field. I’m just starting to wear the hat of a Creative Director and every step is a learning process. I guess what I love most about it is learning!

Your style is a huge equation to consider it…but How do you describe it?
A lot of my style is inspired by my roots in NYC, we mentioned hip-hop being a huge influence in my life. So your typical streetwear brands, fitness/sportswear apparel and occasionally I mix in high-fashion pieces as well. I believe that how you dress, shows how you want to be approached and addressed by people. (Especially for females!)


Sophia Chang Lo Res-1

Are you a fashion snob?
No! I’m not a douche, as a person overall. I will however judge people based on what they wear! I think it’s justifiable because what you leave the house with is how you want to tell the world to treat you / address you.

You recently released and amazing collaboration series with Puma, but we know this is not the first time. How is your relationship with such a big brand like Puma and what is the inspiration behind it?
As a creative professional working in the fashion world it is important to be able to watch market trends. When we first started working on the designs for the collection, Hood By Air Black and White contrasts were taking over the fashion market.



After a quick review we can realize that there’s a strong hip hop influence in your personal aesthetic but did you have any music experience or be linked to any music projects?
As a fan of music, I’ve definitely taken part in many music-related projects. I’ve contributed as an illustrator to Complex Magazine, VIBE and XXL. I’ve worked on Talib Kweli’s Prisoner of Conscious album art, DJ Clark Kent’s mixtape Black In The New York Groove, just to name a few.

What are your three favorites bands/musicians at the moment?
Ty Dolla Sign, IAMSU and Three 6 Mafia.

In your opinion, internet can really make a difference into an artistic career?
Of course. Since the internet is so content-based, we’re able to showcase our work to a global audience. When you use the internet as a business tool and brand yourself appropriately, it can take you far.


2014 Sophia Chang

As a professional girl in this battle, can you describe us how is your regular design process? Do you go all in Pc or prefer start with a friendly pen and paper?
I use pen and paper when necessary and computer when necessary. All depends on the project and the final look I am trying to achieve.

Everyday we see more and more how traditional high fashion brands look for inspiration in streetwear companies. What do you think of this? is really healthy for the industry? or just “take advantage of the situation”?
Speaking in regards to the PUMA collection…As a creative professional working in the fashion world it is important to be able to watch market trends. When we first started working on the designs for the collection, Hood By Air Black and White contrasts were taking over the fashion market. We see materials like Neoprene and mesh being introduced to runway shows. I think it’s a wonderful trend that’s happening but with everything in fashion, it’s all cyclical.

We can’t pass this question. Have you been in Perú before?
I have not! Would love to go.

Are you and Iphone or Android girl?
IPhone all the way!

Any projects or plans in the near future?
Always, Stay tuned for new projects, updates and announcement via Instagram and Twitter: @esymai

Thanks a lot for your time Sophia, any final words for the world?
Thank you!


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Eterea Iconoclasta: KENNY REED

Kenny is like you or maybe you too…he’s an eternal kid and the perfect definition of a citizen of humanity. A pro skateboarder who put his feets on any unusual places on planet earth even those with a little more shadow on them. He’s not exactly as a river of words but who need it when your mind and attitude speaks for itself?. We sat down with Kenny Reed for a fast but deep conversation about life and wheels.



Hello Kenny It’s a pleasure to have you here finally after a long time, as a part time skateboarders we are so excited to start this interview, so please tell us Who are you, where are you from and for how many years are you rolling over ur board?
Hello it’s a pleasure to be here also. I was a lonely boy from the countryside who had a feeling there was some more to life. I am from a really small village with not many places to skate.


Many of us reminds you from those classic video parts from 411VM and Transworld mag back in the days. How do you remember those times? and how do you feel about skateboarding now?
Yes I do remember those times they were like a dream.

Skate tours are a MUST in the skateboarding industry since the beginning but is that for sure that you bring the term of tour to the next level! Why you start to make travels to quite unknown spots like Bulgaria, Turkey, Istanbul, etc?
I tried to take any opportunity I could to use skateboarding to meet the rest of our world.



Have you seen a big difference between the skateboarding scene of these places and the US scene?
I’m not sure.

Where you found the most bizarre experience?
In places of war its very sad how humans can be so cruel when I know they are meant to be kind to each other.

Where you found the most pleasant experience?
Going fast down a hill when you are knowing its the fastest you can go.

Lance Dawes's Digital Photos

Have you been in Southamerica before? … maybe in Perú?
Yes I have. In 2001…with 411 VM

Nowdays art and skateboarding is more connected that never..what do you think about this?
I don’t really think it’s so connected. They are very different to me.

Recently Chad Muska said that the roots of skateboarding are kinda lost ’cause many mayor contest are dominating the scene like Street Leage, X games and else. You got the same opinion?
I dont have any opinion about this. things are changing. the roots will always be there for us.

What the world dont know about Kenny Reed?
He wants to give it a big hug.


Any last words?
Forgive… even when it’s difficult. even when you think it’s impossible. Love!




Eterea Iconoclasta: AMIKO LI

When I observe Amiko Li’s work, I have the sensation of seeing old instants in my life, moments of loneliness. a strange melancholy gets hold of my. His photography is like a twinkle in the daylife, instants in that one feels rather absent, recollections of the beginning of an event that determine a situation forever.
Amiko manages to cause in every single spectator the feeling of having the more intimate memories with his subtle photography, creating confusing feelings of a beautiful loneliness.


First, tell us about you, who you are and where you from.
My name is Amiko Li, I was born in Shanghai in 1993, and I am currently studying photography in Chicago.

As I said before, your photos are like a flashback of moments in life that make us feel rather melancholy, is that what you try to communicate with your work?
I hope so. I always feel that way, at first I thought it was because of the break-up or disappointments of life in general, but later I think about it has always been a part of me. Even when I was younger in high school or middle school, when I saw stranger on the street, I would always have this narrative constructed in my mind. Therefore when I start to photograph during college, I am consciously seeking this kind of absence, melancholia, from my friends, stranger, also still life, or landscape.



Why you choose photography as way of expression?
I like its subtlety and quietness. It is a beautiful balance of control and surprise.

Can you walk us through the actual process that you use to set up a portrait?
I am drawn to people who is young, quiet and slightly disconnected. When I found someone I am interested in photographing, I will ask them if they would like to be photographed, and then I will show them some of my images. Usually we would understand each other immediately because we know we realize we are similar.


We will meet in the afternoon, like 2pm or 3, and we will go to parks or the lake. We talk about relationship, about how we try to mend and screwed up, how simple and sweet it was and how hard it can be. During the walk when I feel like it was the right moment we will pause and take photos. I like this kind of conversation, it feels like a relief.

Also I always bring limited rolls of film, we will depart after I run out of film. And I don’t reshoot.


What is the influence of digital technology on your photography?
Even though I love to see contemporary works that influenced by digital technology, or dealing with the process, I don’t really see my works influenced by digital technology. Sometimes my photograph involve certain degree of post-production because I want a specific color tone. Otherwise I don’t really shoot with digital camera or work in studio.


Who are the people in your pictures?
Friends, family, strangers.


What does photography really mean to you?
To me it is more like a diary that I kept. I also think there is a separation between artists who use photography as a personal documentation, and those who try to communicate with a larger audience like queer community or specific race. As a gay and Chinese photographer myself, my photographs don’t necessarily point to these popular subject directly. I’d like my works to be a proxy about mood and emotions, a more poetic approach to this background I believe a lot of people shared.

What artist Inspires you?
My biggest influence is Anna Shteynshleyger. Her work City of Destiny spans a variety of genres, from portraits, still life, landscape, to interiors. However at the same time ties nicely around her personal life, a sensitivity that is questioning at the same time knowing.

I also really like Rachel Herman’s Imp of Love series, Herman hopes her photographs to visually depict how love bends but doesn’t break. She brings ex-lovers together, discussing this loaded and layered relationship.


Tell the readers why we all need to believe in art.
To me it is a shelter that permit me to dream, to romanticize, to believe there is still hope in this world.

Final words you want to say.
Photograph often times is evidence. Even if your grandmother is diseased and passed away, or your boyfriend does not feel the same way as he did before, but the photograph you had  never changes. It is such a strange thing to look at, to hold something that is no longer there. It makes me think about the situation after the promise, when I realize the difficulty and the promise is not possible anymore. I remember Laura Letinsky once said in a interview that, This is fundamental to any utopian notion, the promise and its demise. you can’t have utopia without its loss. I think about that a lot.



See more about AMIKO LI here:



Eterea Iconoclasta: TARIK SALEH

The new blood in visuals are here and is not just a flashnews. Today we got the opportunity to talk with the iconic swedish filmmaker Tarik Salek who discusses his emotive impetus to create stunning stories on film, his roots with legal/illegal street paint and how he established as a respected media director.


We know that your career started with graffiti, can you tell us a little bit more about that stage of your life?
1984 I was living in the western suburbs of Stockholm. Television showed the documentary Style Wars – I was instantly hooked. From that point I spent the next ten years with spray paint. Those years thought me that you will not get permission to do art – it’s not a human right. Either you take that right or you don’t deserve it.

Tell us where did you study?
I studied at the art academy in Alexandria, Egypt for a year – that is my only education, except for high school.


Choose one piece of your work and describe the creative process
Oh, that’S difficult. The process can be very different. I work a lot with intuition and dreams. Sometimes I start with a concept – but for it to come alive for me at one stage the work has to start to communicate back to me. With my feature films the process is several years, so you would fall asleep if I told you how I work. With the shorter stuff, like the Lykke videos, it’s all about starting with a scene and a question. But it’s important to me to know what happened before the scene takes place. I am surprised how well people understand my work even if I give very few clues.

Your music videos have a beatiful aesthetic and also an intrigue story. Mention some music videos that capture your attention and impact you in the same way
I am a very sentimental man. I love when Michel Jackson preforms “Man in the Mirror” at the Grammys 1988. I also love old clips with the Egyptian singer Om Khalthoum.

What was your first contact with cinema?
Walt Disney’s Dumbo – it is still my favorite movie of all times.


“Tommy” is your newl full length film, how did the idea begin?
I grew up with girls that later married some of the most notorious gangsters in Sweden – the women were much more fascinating than the men. So I decided to do a film about them.

Many film directors have their muse, and it’s not a surprise that you have one too. How did you met Lykke Li?
We meet in the Stockholm archipelago. We were instantly soul mates.

“No rest for the wicked” is Lykke Li’s new music video, tell us a little more about the production
I told Lykke the story that I saw in front of me when I heard the song – she said yes. Then we started the process of finding the locations and casting. I am a fanatic when it comes to those things so my I was driving my assistants and producers crazy. I rented a car and went out and searched for the right places myself. And believe it or not – the place I found was only two kilometers away from where Lykke and I meet for the first time. I have used the same team for all the videos – my most important collaborators is the D.P Carl Nilsson and the focus puller Stickan. And the electrician Pontus. I feel very safe when they are around. The editor is also very very involved.

How much did Likke Li helps to create the concept of each video?
A lot. I trust her in all my decisions both with her videos and with my films. She is a true artist and never compromises – sometimes she is too hard – but it’s always worth it.

What’s the best part of your job and the most difficult challenge until now?
The best part is shooting the biggest challenge is editing.

Name one thing you can´t live wihthout.
My crew.

Give us a reason to visit stockholm
The summer nights

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En la revista nos es inevitable ser observadores compulsivos de todo lo que nos rodea, eso incluye  un hambre masivo por la moda como plato principal. LUANNA PEREZ GARREAUD lleva ya cierto tiempo cocinando sus propias fórmulas en un blog que inicio sin planeamiento alguno y que en estas épocas es más que un referente visual…es más bien una editorial perenne del estilismo, de la conjugación de formas y colores y de una clara apreciación por las alternativas de vestir que no incluyen parámetros ortodoxos ni convencionales…gracias por eso Luanna. Hoy nos sentamos con ella, abrimos la libreta y conversamos un poco. Esperamos que disfruten la entrevista tanto como nosotros.

Entrevista/Interview HILDA MAURO

1.- ¿Cuándo te planteaste tener un blog de moda y por qué?

No me plantie tener un blog de moda, simplemente la cosa fluyo. Cree mi blog cuando aun no era muy conocida la idea de bloggers y blogs de moda. Simplemente quería tener una plataforma donde poder compartir mis looks y mi creatividad en términos de estilo. Como la moda en Lima me asfixiaba un poco,también lo tome como una forma de escape o un lugar donde tenia liberta de expresarme y recibir feedback de personas de todo el mundo

2.- ¿Por que el nombre “Le Happy”?

No es por nada especial, simplemente un nombre que vi y me gusto.

3.- Sabemos que la moda es un medio de expresión ¿Que dice tu ropa de ti? 

Depende del estilo que use. Mi ropa simplemente es un modo de expresión artística para mi, combinar telas, prendas, formas, siluetas, peinado, maquillaje,etc.. todas esas cosas son elementos que independientemente pueden verse un poco fuera de lo común o extraño para muchos, pero yo lo veo como un conjunto y así es como creo mi look. Simplemente dejo que lo que me provoca hacer predomine a la hora de alistarme y no pensar lo que quieren ver los demás en mi.


4.- Actualmente vives en New York donde la moda, el arte, etc es como el pan de cada día. Crees que eso influye mucho en tu inspiración.

Si, totalmente influyente. Manhattan y Brooklyn, dos ciudades un poco distintas me inspiran de mil maneras.. el streetstyle es espectacular en Manhattan, la onda mas artística en Brooklyn me da muchísimas ideas, y de por si Nueva York en general esta tan lleno de cultura que solo me provoca hacer cosas nuevas y siempre innovar.

5.- El año pasado quedaste dentro de las 5 finalistas del concurso “It Girl” organizado por Mango. ¿Cómo fue la experiencia?

Excelente. Pude ir a Barcelona y fue muy divertido.

6.- La marca británica TopShop se contacto contigo para usar una de tus imágenes en el diseño de uno de sus T-shirts ¿Cómo se dio eso?

Simplemente me contactaron por que querían usar mis fotos para un t-shirt. Lo mismo paso con Zara.

7.- En tus visitas a Perú has notado un crecimiento en la moda?

En un aspecto si, me refiero a que ahora la moda tiene un lugar mas importante para la sociedad peruana (LIF, mas bloggers, etc), pero en general creo que muchos siguen estancados en la misma idea convencional de lo que es la moda. Muchos bloggers se van por el camino de tomar una voz autoritaria de lo que se debe usar y no (por ejemplo posts sobre lo que no se vio bien en tal persona). Siguen habiendo muchos códigos, y al mismo tiempo creo que muchos en tienen la idea de que la moda es una y tiene reglas universales. Aun falta mucho para que lleguemos a tener una visión realmente artística,innovadora y de mente abierta.

8.- ¿Cuál crees que es el complemento que no debería faltar en uno de tus looks? 

Siempre le añado un accesorio que pueda completar el look, ya sea un beanie, lentes, collar.

9.- Diseñador nacional e internacional de tu agrado?

No tengo diseñador nacional favorito. Internacional me gusta mucho Helmut Lang.

10.- ¿Cuál o cuales son tus tiendas favoritas? 

Topshop, Romwe, y tiendas de segunda mano

11.- Bandas de música de tu interés? 

Mis bandas favoritas son Massive Attack, Lykke Li, Zola Jesus, Radiohead y varios mas.

12.- Sigues algún Blog en especial?…

No tengo un blog favorito pero frecuento bastante lookbook y varios tumblrs.

13.- Y por último volviendo a lo tuyo, tres prendas para este invierno que nos recomiendes. 

En términos  de abrigos y casacas, para invierno creo que es elemental una buena casaca de motociclista (motorcycle jacket), una casaca militar tipo army jacket o parka, y un traje tipo blazer que he visto por todos lados acá… y si es en conjunto mejor.


Conoce más de ella en los siguientes enlaces.




Eterea Iconoclasta: ADRIAN MORRIS

In our latest Iconoclasta, photographer ADRIAN MORRIS spends an afternoon with us for a deep conversation and some chillout moments sharing uncommon stories. But who is Adrian?. Currently living in Barcelona, Adrian’s hypnotic photographys from a series of many places around the world is simply beautiful if you want to choose just one word.
Previously heading up in a bunch of art/photo magazines, this guy from nowhere shares some of his perspectives on the present cultural…talks of life, travel and an outdoor way of life.

Check out the clip above for the full interview.


See more about ADRIAN MORRIS here:
This is Mowgli


Executive Producer. GIANFRANCO PEÑA
Music. TEEBS “Just For you”


Eterea Iconoclasta: RHINE BERNARDINO

I remember one night sitting in a bar with a friend, we were talking about some art projects in which we were involved. He mentioned  the name of a young artist who made a series of photographs called “The 24 hour Kissing Project” . The project, made it with 1440 photographs, was  about a girl kissing total strangers (20 to be exactly), sharing this way a marathon of kisses with them. This makes us think how this act can turn so easily into a mechanical form.

The name of the creator is Rhine Bernardino, a performance artist that has been working on a series of interesting projects.

When you see all her videos, you can instantly feel the intensity and energy that she emanates with her performances. In the video BDSM we can see her looking directly to the camera, while the people keep throwing garbage to his naked body. In a way, we all can feel this way, mentally or even physically. You don’t need  to understand Rhine, you just need to feel what she is trying to say.

Hello Rhine! And thanks for doing this interview.

First, tell us about you, who you are and where you from.
My name is Rhine, from the Philippines and I’m Just another woman in love, a kid out of school, A fire out of control, just another fool…

We see that you are a passionate performance artist, can you tell us a little bit about your work?
I am currently focusing on the use of body in performance art coupled with the exploration of the use of video and photography not just as a form of documentation but also an integral part of the creation process. My works mainly revolve around the concept of human endurance in performance art, with its heightened emphasis on duration, presence and the process. There is emphasis on the human body, as a mechanism and artifact: an object to be observed, investigated and experimented on as a means of communication, a way of expression tied with the dynamics of interactions with others.

This is my artist statement, hopefully it would suffice. hahaha

You always find performance appealing? Or did you experiment with other types of art too?
I started with photography and then when I realized it wasn’t my dream to be a lawyer, I shifted from my political science course to film. Most of my experimentation started with photography and then later on moved to video.

I started doing performance art or let’s say incorporating performance before I actually learned about performance art as a discipline. I certainly find it very appealing, there is something very instinctive about it. I guess because it mainly involves the body and nothing can be more real than that. You experience your own truth primarily through the body. This may sound bollocks to some so I’ll stop it here and if anyone is interested in having further discussions about it, I’ll provide my email address

When you are performing, you get in a different mental state? like a trance? how do you feel in that particular moment.
I’m not sure about being in a trance, but I certainly get in a stronger mental state. In my works, I set the rules and parameters so I must follow them and tell myself there is no other way but to do it. There are of course external factors that I cannot control all the time and this aspect is what makes the whole process less rigid, it makes art more thrilling and more alive.

I feel like I have another persona and I can switch my mental state and the whole body follows when I have to. I’ve done some endurance works like standing in one spot for 11 hours (without food,drinks,breaks), not eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset for 40 days, kissing 20 guys (strangers) per minute for 24 hours each, among other things. I just keep reminding myself why I’m doing what I’m doing and I have something I want to communicate to or express. Otherwise, I’m a pretty laid back person, I can’t do much of what my works require on a daily basis. Rest and relaxation is my main priority in life. haha

You think to take your performance to the next level Lets just say, doing something physically hard, or even mentally hard?
I just do what I do to translate, experiment or inquire on some things in life and possibly make other people think. I can’t be bothered with things like taking my performance ‘to the next level’, that is not the main goal and should not be the point in the first place. So, I don’t know and I do not really care much. I just do what a certain idea (that I think is worth creating/executing) entails. If the process takes my performance to this ‘next level’ whatever that is, then I guess its good? or not. Does not really matter much, does it?

You feel influenced by other artists?
Cetainly, but not just artists. I’m influenced by random thoughts and people and ideas. Random in the sense that they are not all in one category or something like that. Most things just hit me in some levels and make me think of completely differing works or ideas.

Going back to the core of the question, Andrea Fraser’s body of works is an inspiration to me, so as Van Gogh’s, Teching Tsieh’s, Hemingway’s, James Blake’s, Nicholas Pervez’s, grafitti in various cities, poems somewhere, an artwork in a gallery or art shows, and the list goes on. Most people expect me to say Marina Abramovic, but I’m not sure if I’m really influenced by her or I’m just obliged to say I’m influenced by her because of some semblance that other people see. She’s an ‘art superstar’ now and anything people see in ordinary people like myself they try to make references to the biggest and brightest ‘star(s)’. But artists before, during and most probably after the explosion of her superstardom already explored, are exploring and will continually explore similar themes as her works in varying degrees. I am not sure why I’m even emphasizing this point, but I hope its still coherent.

Tell us your plans for the future.
I have some projects lined up including a collaboration with an inventor friend on this incredible technology, launching my self-initiated solo show, and continuing my BOX series, among other things. I won’t tell you everything so it sounds mysterious hahaha

I’ve been accepted into the Royal College of Art (MA Photography – Performance pathway) and I have an interview with Goldsmiths in a few days. Now I’m thinking of ways on how to sell my artworks or soul for a specific period of time to pay for my tuition fees. I’m searching for funding, sponsors or people who have the capacity to loan me money for my education, convince them I am worth investing, and this and that. I am very serious. So, if you know anybody please,please,please contact me

Final words you want to say?
May all beings be at peace, have an abundance of love and experience real happiness.



See more about RHINE BERNARDINO here:



Eterea Iconoclasta: GOLD LIP

Often elusive to the press, yet emanates brightly from their musical catalog and signature style that can be seen resonating through a number of supreme tracks. Danish electronic band GOLD LIP is finally under our own roof and we started a short but deep dialogue with the guys of an anonymous aesthetic but with an extreme fine range of seductive noise. This is Gold Lip.

Enjoy the entire interview.


GOLDLIP presents an impressive extension of sounds in each track. Who are in charge of those lines? Can you guys introduce us each member of the band?
Soho Rezanejad and Jens Skovgaard are in charge of the sound. Esben Weile Kjær is the visual director of the sound and the DJ.

Where did your obsession with gold come from?
We use the word often in the studio. It’s used to define something that we think really works. The literal term, we have no idea of. We actually prefer silver but we’ll play along with the joke.

How do you start the creative process?
It’s usually one of us that starts it and then we finish it together. We take turns.


Do you prefer intimate indoor shows or big outside gigs?

We like all sorts of gigs, as long as the is an understanding between us and the audience. Some get it, some don’t. But it’s good like that!

How does the development of making a song work? Do you always have a plan or everything comes natural?
It’s usually a natural process up until the post production. That’s where we think about how it can make more sense, or sometimes, no sense at all.

Tell us more about your individual musical background.
We have always been involved in each others work. Jens and Soho have made music with each other for five years. Esben was always around to slap us in the face with it. Then gradually he joined us to take it further. It worked quite well.

Sometimes the entire music industry and even the life goes faster than we can really taste. Do you people are still interesting in quality or crowd just want more and more noise?
Everything is fast in the digital. The crowd, the music, the words. We think it’s important to set your own pace. Looks like you wrote this really fast!

Have you ever played in southamerica?
No, not yet.

How do you see the Scandinavian music scene?
We try to stay out of it as much as possible. It’s easy to get stuck.

We are some truly internet snobs, so what do you think about this modern way of life? streaming music sites are the future? or can we still expect external devices like mp3 players?
In the future there will be room for everything, even streaming sites.


Which are your current music plans for this year?
That’s a headache to think about. It’s hard to say. Things are moving in many directions. Our europe tour starts in the middle of March. That, and our new material which we are really excited to release.


Interview: Gianfranco Peña

See more about GOLD LIP here:



AMASON X Eterea Iconoclasta

Even when the musical world is just waking up from a dense “Grammy overdose”,it is no secret that the things across the river sometimes are more interesting and satisfactory and usually when that kind of things happens everyone is a little envious, especially when a non common band just did everything perfect. Today we got AMASON, a Sweden based band that shock internal sounds with a melody that have a strong smell of a good road trip. We had the honor to meet up online and this is the emotional result. Hope you enjoy it.

Entrevista/Interview HILDA MAURO
Imágenes/Images AMASON® ; INGRID LABEL®

[divider] [/divider]

1.- First of all , where are you from?
We are all from different parts of Sweden. Most of us live in Stockholm

En primer lugar ¿De dónde son?
Todos somos de distintas partes de Suecia. La mayoría vive en Estocolmo.

2.- How and when Amason was form?
The forming of Amason was quite a slow process, involving a lot of talking over beers over many years. Everything was initiated by Pontus Winnberg at first. We owe it to him cause he’s definitely the hub in this matter. We all knew Pontus at first for various reasons and all of a sudden he managed to throw all of us into the same cage. the amason cage.

¿Cómo y cuándo nace Amason?
La formación de Amason fue un proceso bastante lento, que involucró muchas charlas con cervezas durante muchos años. Al principio, todo se inició por Pontus Winnberg. Se lo debemos a él, porque definitivamente fue una parte central en esto. Inicialmente, todos conocían a Pontus por diversas razones y, de repente, él fue capaz de arrojarnos a todos nosotros dentro de una misma jaula. La jaula “Amason”.

3.- Where did you record your first EP?
We recorded the first EP at “INGRID-studion” in Stockholm. It’s a very nice studio.

¿Dónde grabaron su primer Ep?
Grabamos el primer EP en “INGRID-studion” en Estocolmo. Es un estudio muy bueno.

4.- How do you get sign to the record label INGRID?
I think the whole involvement in the artist collective INGRID came quite naturally since Pontus was one of the initiative takers. There’s a group of musicians here in Stockholm; Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn & John and a lot of other amazing people who I guess were just a little tired of the stale structure of the music business and wanted to create a different platform, with a slightly different agenda.

¿Cómo lograron ser firmados en el sello INGRD?
Creo que toda la participación en el colectivo artístico INGRD vino de una manera bastante natural ya que Pontus fue uno de los que tomó la iniciativa. Hay un grupo de músicos aquí en Estocolmo; Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn & John, y otras muchas personas maravillosas que, supongo, estaban un poco cansadas de la estructura ya pasada de la industria de la música, y querían crear una plataforma diferente, con unas motivaciones ligeramente diferentes.

5.- Nowdays, how do you guys perceive the independent rock scene in Sweden?
Honestly, I have no idea what it looks like from the outside, or statistically… But, since Sweden is such a small country, only 9 million people and something like three cities and quite a lot of bureaucracy the domestic live scene is definitely nothing that musicians can count on. There’s no use in touring in sweden for most musicians. There might be enough space for 10 bands or so to give it a go, but the rest won’t be able to make a living from music unless they go abroad. So I suppose the fact that a lot of aspiring musicians who sucessfully manages to build a career outside of Sweden sheds light upon their fellow swedish artists, and in the end, ironically, our disadvantages at home gives us opportunities elsewhere. We’re like thriving dolphins in the desert. It’s also a great big number out of the whole population who are into music. It’s dark and cold here almost all the time and that makes young people turn to basements with guitar amps.

¿Actualmente cómo ven la movida del rock independiente en Suecia?
Honestamente, no tengo idea como se ve desde fuera, o estadísticamente… Pero, puesto que Suecia es un país tan pequeño, sólo 9 millones de personas, y algo como tres ciudades y mucha burocracia, la escena nacional es definitivamente nada en que los músicos puedan apoyarse. A la mayoría de músicos no les sirve hacer tours en Suecia. Quizás debe haber espacio suficiente para, más o menos, 10 bandas para que tengan una oportunidad, pero el resto no podrá ganarse la vida haciendo música, a menos que se vayan al extranjero. Entonces, supongo que el hecho de que muchos músicos aspirantes que logran formar exitosamente una carrera fuera de Suecia, brindan una exposición a otros colegas artistas. Y, al final, irónicamente, nuestras desventajas en casa nos dan oportunidades en otro lugar. Somos como delfines florecientes en el desierto. También hay un gran número de la población total que disfrutan de la música. Aquí es oscuro y frío casi todo el tiempo y eso hace que los jóvenes acudan a los sótanos con amplificadores de guitarras.

6.- This year you were nominated to the swedish grammy in the category “New Comer of The Year”. How do you feel?
We are very humbled and happy with that nomination.

Están nominados a los Premios Grammy de Suecia 2014 en la categoría “Mejor nuevo artista” ¿Cómo se sienten?
Estamos muy honrados y felices con esa nominación

7.- Any new bands that you can recommend?
I like a lot of bands that I would gladly recommend! But to mention a few fellow swedes I’d say Daniel Norgren, Mapei, The Tallest Man On Earth and The Amazing

¿Alguna banda de su agrado que quisieran recomendarnos?
¡Me gustan muchas bandas que gustoso recomendaría! Pero para mencionar a algunos suecos diré Daniel Norgren, Mapei, The Tallest Man On Earth y The Amazing

8.- One final question, any plans for the future?
Our plans for the future is to sit back and relax and see what will come at us. We’re just about to finish up the debut album and we’re excited to see if it will become of any use for people out there.

Una pregunta final ¿Cuáles son sus planes a futuro?
Nuestros planes para el futuro es recostarnos y relajarnos, y esperar lo que vendrá. Estamos apunto de finalizar nuestro álbum debut y estamos emocionados de ver si es algo útil para la gente allá afuera.

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See more about AMAZON here:.



TEYE GERBRACHT X Eterea Iconoclasta

Cada semana el mundo de la fotografía espera impacientemente. Cada volátil rastro de luz en esos rincones, donde la creatividad se esconde, nos da esperanza e incluso nos devuelve el aliento cuando hallamos esos tesoros que guarda la lente de algún nuevo talento. Precisamente esto nos ocurrió con TEYE GERBRACHT quien produjo en nosotros una sensación de confusión placentera. Sentimientos de total vacío y satisfacción etérea que con mucho cuidado plasmó en cada una de sus tomas. La obsesión de Teye por retratar esos momentos de paz y nostalgia individual terminó por convencernos. Es un placer presentarles nuestra cautivadora conversación con un joven talento de la fotografía. Disfrútenlo.

Entrevista/Interview GIANFRANCO PEÑA
Imágenes/Images TEYE GERBRACHT®

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1.- ¿De dónde eres?

Vengo de un pequeño pueblo a las afueras de Ruhr. Desde hace tres años cuando inicie mis estudios en el Kunstakademie Düsseldorf ( Academia de Arte de La Ciudad de Düsseldorf). Pero mis ancestros provienen de Frisia.

Where are you from ?
I come from a small town on the edge of the Ruhr area. Three years ago, at the beginning of my studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf ( Arts Academy of the city of Düsseldorf), I came here. My ancestors come from Friesland.


2.- ¿Aquí es donde tu apreciación por el arte inicio?

Mi madre me dio crayones tan pronto como pude sostenerlos, luego a la edad de 8 o 9 años mi abuela me regalo una pequeña cámara compacta de película. Así que supongo que siempre tuve motivos para crear imágenes. Nunca deje de hacerlo…de echo no podría dejar de hacerlo.

Is this place is where your appreciation of art grew up? or anywhere else?
My mother gave me crayons as soon as I was able to hold them. When I was 8 or 9 my grandmother gave me a pocket film camera. So there were always reasons to produce images. I never stopped doing that. In fact I couldn’t.

3.- ¿Tuviste algún tipo de formación previa?

Antes de la Universidad tuve una especie de adiestramiento como diseñador el cual solo incluía fotografía: Manejo de cuarto oscuro, Composición de imagen, cosas como esas.

Do you have any previous formal background?
Before university I did an apprenticeship as a designer which also included a photographic part: darkroom work, composition of a picture and so on.


4.- Háblanos un poco acerca de tu serie de fotos “UNTOLD”

UNTOLD es el titulo que le coloque a la mas reciente de mis series, Cuando tenia 14 años de edad trate de imaginar como se sentiría si pudiera moverme inmediatamente de lugar en lugar pero sin que los demás notaran que me había ido. Así que trata un poco de analizar el estado de ausencia o de estar ausente. Siempre he tenido una gran afición por la obra del pintor danés Vilhelm Hammershøi y en esta serie, he intentado conectar mi mundo de pensamientos con la imaginación. Al final de la misma habrá un libro que va a ser ser presentado en la próxima exposición colectiva en la Kunstakademie (Academia de Bellas Artes de Düsseldorf) a realizarse en febrero del próximo año.

Tell us more about “UNTOLD”
“Untold” is the working title of my latest series. When I was 14 I tried to imagine what it would feel like if I’d immediately be in a completely different place from the place I was at the time of this thought, without being able to inform my surroundings that I’ll no longer be there with them. The idea of this drove me take these images. So it’s kind of about absence or being absent. I always had a great fondness for the work of danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi and in this series, I tried to connect my world of thought with a similarly cold imagery. At the end of it there will be a book that’s going to be be presented at the next group exhibition in february at the Kunstakademie.


5.- Utilizaste solo cámaras análogas o también digitales para estas piezas

Hace unos 2 años aproximadamente sólo uso cámaras de película para cualquier fotografía que haga. Antes de mi aprendizaje formas tenia una digital pero nunca podía estar totalmente satisfecho con los resultados que me ofrecía. No considero que sea particularmente importante el uso de una u otra, lo importante es el resultado final. Las personas que le ponen demasiado énfasis a este debate usualmente acaban enfrascándose en tediosas campañas para desprestigiar alguna de ellas.

Do you use only analog or digital cameras for this pieces?
Since nearly two years I’m completely using the analog imaging method. Before that, right after my apprenticeship I bought a digital camera but have never been happy with the results and since then I use film cameras again. I do not think that it is particularly important if you are working analog or digital. What matters in the end is the finished piece of work. People that put too much emphasis on that they’re working purely analog/digital often got carried away by their very own hate campaign against the other imaging method.

6.- Tenemos algo en común, y es que tanto tú como nosotros vivimos en extremos de este planeta. ¿Cómo ves la escena de la fotografía hoy en día en el mundo? ¿Sigues alguna tendencia en particular?

Nunca e seguido nada realmente. De echo me siento mas cercano a pintores muertos que a la mayoría de fotógrafos actuales. Demasiado arte conceptual y poco interés en resolver los problemas relacionados a la foto en si. En la internet el problema se revierte, hay demasiado interés en el trabajo fotográfico y poco en los detalles técnicos. Me disgustan ambas situaciones.

We live in the edge of the planet, but how do you see the photography scene nowadays in the world? do you follow some special trending?
I’ve never really followed anything, I even feel closer to long dead painters than to the majority of nowadays photographers. Too much pure conceptual art, too little real solving of picture issues. On the Internet, the problem is reversed: Too little real meaning in the photographic work and too much of this uber retouched nonsense everywhere. I dislike both.


7.- ¿Por qué ser parte de tus propias fotografías actuando como un modelo?

Algunas veces trabajo por horas en locaciones abandonadas. Es frío, silencioso y aveces atemorizante. Hay una razón practica por la cual últimamente trabajo absolutamente solo. Solo me detengo a disparar cuando encuentro el lugar perfecto incluso si esto me toma horas o días. Tu no puedes hacer esto si trabajas junto a alguien. Debido a esas circunstancias mis fotos son por supuesto mucho mas personales.

Why be part of your own photos as a model?
Sometimes I’m working for hours in abandoned buildings – it’s cold, it’s quiet and sometimes scary. It may have a practical reason why I ultimately decided to work only with myself, I only stop when the picture is taken even if it takes hours or days – You can’t do that to anyone else but yourself. Due to this circumstance, my pictures are of course more personal too.

8.- ¿Algún proyecto futuro?

Actualmente me encuentro trabajando en el libro que acompañara mi ultima serie UNTOLD. No se que vendrá después de eso. La inspiración proviene en muchos casos dependiendo de los libros que leo.

Any future projects ?
Currently I am still working on the book of the latest series. I do not know what comes after that. Inspiration comes in the majority of cases from books I read.

9.- ¿Algunas palabras finales para la revista?

Recomiendo a todos darle un vistazo a mi website en las próximas semanas ya que estoy en pleno proceso de rediseñar mi portafolio. Gracias!

Any last words for this mag?
I recommend everyone to have a look at my website in the next few weeks because I am currently in the process of redesigning my portfolio. Thank you!

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