Venturini House by Adamo-Faiden

Argentinean studio Adamo-Faiden has overhauled an ageing townhouse in Buenos Aires with the addition of a rooftop courtyard and an underground yoga room. The house had been used in various guises throughout its history, most recently as an apartment block, and Marcelo Faiden and Sebastian Adamo were asked to restore the building as a home for the Venturini family.The architects began by removing superfluous partitions and stripping the structure back to its basic form. They then re-planned the layout and worked out where they could add extra rooms.

“Our intervention can be summarised in three actions: extraction, redescription and addition,” they explain.

An extra roof inserted over the house’s old courtyard encloses the new basement-level yoga room, which is lit from above by a strip of skylights.The surface of this roof also provides a new ground-floor patio, allowing the family to open out their living room to a secluded outdoor space.Another storey added over the roof of the building provides a room that can be used for guests. This leads out to the new rooftop courtyard. The roof of this extension has a V-shaped profile, making it the most noticeable addition to the traditional facade.

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